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Damaraland – Namibia


The Damaraland is home to the world’s largest free roaming black rhino population, desert adapted lions and elephants. Here, although the terrain seems lifeless and dead, a big variety of wildlife can be observed. You will encounter Oryx, Springbok, Kudu, Mountain Zebras and Giraffes and with some luck spot a perfectly camouflaged leopard or a cheetah

Damaraland’s diversity is vast offering hot natural springs, a thousand year old Petrified Forest, significant rock formations and ancient rock engravings that are between two- and six thousand years old following the ancient route of the Bushmen San Tribe.

Welwitschia at BrandbergBlack Rhino in DamaralandStorm Clouds and Purple Lightning Ball at Twilight in EtendekaChameleon in Damaraland