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Fish River Canyon – Namibia


In the south, visit the majestic Fish River Canyon surrounded by un-spoilt nature and encounter many sights of free roaming wildlife like the elegant Oryx, the Zebra, Kudu and Springbok.

It is the largest canyon in Africa, as well as the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia. It features a gigantic ravine, in total about 160 km long, and up to 27 km wide and in places almost 550 meters depth.

It is a significant and amazing sight.

The Fish River is the longest interior river in Namibia. It cuts deep into the plateau which is dry, stony and sparsely covered with hardy drought-resistant plants. The river flows intermittently, usually flooding in late summer and for the rest of the year it becomes a chain of long narrow pools. At the lower end of the Fish River Canyon, the hot springs resort of Ai-Ais is situated.

The Fish River Canyon is a magnificent nature sight offering tough hiking tours in season or just a spectacular unforgettable view from the edges of the thousand year old giant.

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