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Kaokoland – Namibia


The North Western region stretches from the north of the Brandberg to the Kunene River bordering Angola. The rough, surreal colourful landscapes offers Photographers ideal settings for sunset scenes, wildlife photography and the chance to interact with traditional nomad and settled culture tribes of Namibia. Some of the most beautiful landscaping Namibia has to offer.

This coarse terrain is home to the nomad Himba tribes where you have a chance to experience true traditional tribe village life. The Ovahimba are one the last nomad Namibian tribes still living in their authentic, traditional cultural way.

On the border, the Kunene River,  the Epupa Falls kisses the arid terrain with lush greens – a feast to the eye, stop over at the Ruacana Waterfalls, or have some adrenaline pumping through your veins doing some white water rafting or canoeing. The Kaokoveld offers a a real off-road 4×4 experience ensuring your authentic Kaokoveld adventure.

There are Lodges scattered  in this area but to have the real authentic experience we recommend a one or two night camping excursion – only a handful of tourist reach this remote area of Namibia – dare to explore your wild side and be guaranteed the real African experience.

Himba BoysBack of Epupa Falls on Kunene River on the border of Angola and NamibiaDesert Elephant in KaokolandHimba Lady