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Namib Desert – Namibia


The Namib Desert is at a mere age of 55 million years the oldest desert on the planet and the driest too. Most of it is a protected National Park called the Namib-Naukluft National Park which covers almost 50,000 square kilometres.

Rainfall is scares and varies from 85mm in the eastern parts to a mere 2mm in the west – but the area is often covered by a thick fog, which allows plants and animals to survive thanks to the dew it creates. Desert adapted animals are amazing to watch and it is fascinating to see these survive in an arid deserted habitat where humans would not last longer than two days.

Observe the fascinating Namib Wildlife and come eye to eye with some of Namibia’s most extreme desert-adapted animals and reptiles – including the imposing Oryx Antelope, the dancing spiders and well camouflaged snakes.

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