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Skeleton Coast – Namibia


The Skeleton Coast National Park stretches along Namibia’s north-western coast. The fog-shrouded beaches of this sprawling and remote wilderness area are littered with shipwrecks and whale skeletons. In the park’s south, gravel roads lead from the Springbokwasser and Ugab entrance gates to the Torra Bay and Terrace Bay outposts. These bays are popular with fishermen, while the interior desert features dramatic sand dunes.

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia is littered not only with the carcasses of long-dead animals, but also of hundreds of ships that met their expiration on the sandy shores of an arid and merciless desert.

The cold water of the Atlantic’s Benguela current collides with dry, warm, air of the Namib Desert and the resulting cold, dense fog extends out to the sea. The wind and currents combine to produce a force pushing inevitably towards the shore. These conditions led seafarers to name this seemingly inhospitable stretch of coastline the Skeleton Coast.

It’s the graveyard of out-of-luck sailors and sea captains whose ships lie in shallow waters off some of the world’s harshest terrain. It’s desolate, but beautiful. Many of the wrecks are completely destroyed by the sun and salty sea air, but a few are visible and can be seen up close.

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Shipwreck of Eduard Bohlen, Skeleton CoastOryx on DunesSkeleton Coast Dunes and WavesWhale Skeleton and Landrover