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Cultures of Namibia

Namibia is a fascinating cultural melting-pot, combining early African populations with a wide array of western explorers.

Namibia’s colourful African dynamism infuses old Europe into a distinctive Namibian spirit, creating unique architecture, food, customs and art. What has emerged is a true sense of unity in diversity – the coming together of 13 ethnic groups, each officially accepted and working toward a bright sunlit Namibian future.

This harmony exists through a shared history, expressed through a common sense of hospitality. There is a powerful bond uniting rural and urban, farmers and professionals. While each of these groups has its own rich cultural heritage, they all share one thing in common…they are Namibian and proud of it.

Namibians are warm-hearted and welcome guests to their country with the opportunity to experience these customs and traditions first-hand. Visitors to Namibia are likely to experience an authentic way of life.

Join Namibia Tracking Safaris on a tailor-made culture tour giving you the opportunity to interact with rural communities in remote areas where villagers eagerly share their everyday lives.

Experience the Herero culture wearing distinctive Victorian-style dresses and horn shaped hats in the East or visit the Oshiwambo culture in the densest populated Owambo Land and sit down to a traditional meal with Mopane worms and wild spinach. A culinary must for those that dare to challenge the palate to exotic flavours.

The yet most traditionally and authentic culture of Namibia is the semi-nomadic Himba tribe whose women wear complex hairstyles and ornamental jewellery artfully crafted from shells and metals.

The arid Kaokoveld is home to this extraordinary tribe and it is fascinating how the Ovahimba have adapted to this rugged terrain. This remote area is a must for the adventure seeker – a true one-of-a-kind Namibian Safari adventure offered by Tracking Namibia Safaris. Be one of only a few visitors to this remote part of our beautiful country.

The Nama and Damara speak a complex language featuring intriguing clicking sounds. The patchwork dresses of the Damara ladies tell stories of a vibrant past and interesting history.

Visit the San people who are among the last hunter gatherer communities on Earth and have been able to preserve much of their ancient culture. Go bow hunting with this humble nature-orientated tribe and learn about the magical natural pharmacy the Namibian Bushveld has to offer. The San Culture also known as the Bushmen are the sole indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa, and their thousands of years stories is told through ancient rock paintings and engravings found in historical sites of Namibia such as Twyfelfontein, the Spitzkoppe the Brandberg and the Erongo Mountains.

The land of water in the far north of Namibia offers a vast network of rivers, swamps and deltas such as the Kwando, the great Okavango River, Linyanti, Zambezi and the Chobe River. The Okavago and Caprivi Strip is a captivating contrast to the rest of Namibia with lush greens, rivers that carry water all year through and an abundant wild- and birdlife diversity.  Join a Kavango or Caprivian resident on an early sunrise boat trip in an original Mokoro observing Hippopotamuses and hearing the distinctive scream of the majestic Fish Eagle.

The North of Namibia offers incomparable and memorable encounters.

Urban style culture is on offer in the Capital of Namibia – Windhoek! Your perfect stop over to start or end your tour. Dive into the colourful hustle of the city and experience a lively traditional market in the vivid township Katutura representing all Namibian local cultures.

Enjoy a scenic tour on historical colonial buildings, museums, enjoy gourmet meals at various restaurants and shop till you drop.

Windhoek has it all on offer whatever the desire.

The cultures of Namibia are a large part of what makes a visit to Namibia so distinctive, providing an enriching and engaging opportunity for both the traveller and the local communities.

Come discover what makes us so proud to be Namibian – and allow us to share our Namibia with you!

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