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Wildlife Safari

Namibia is known for its wildlife safaris with its abundant wildlife and diversity in mammals, carnivores, reptile, bird- and sea life.

The Etosha National Park, being one of the biggest and most populated National Parks worldwide, this is a must that cannot be missed! The Etosha is unique in Africa. The park’s main characteristic is a salt pan so large it can be seen from space. Yet there is abundant wildlife that congregates around the waterholes, giving you almost guaranteed game sightings.

Birders will love the rainy season in Etosha. After good rains the salt pan fills with water attracting a cloud of flamingos. More than 340 bird species have been counted in Etosha National Park. Among the migratory species, the European bee-eater is possibly the most popular sighting. The game reserve is also home to the world’s largest bird, the ostrich, and the heaviest flying bird, the kori bustard.

Namibia is a very diverse country with an array of habitats and plant life – the diverse vegetation guarantees the abundance of game.

Different parks all over Namibia showcase some of the most common and rarest wildlife species. The areas with thicker vegetation are home to elephant, the endangered black rhino and even leopard. Lions are camouflaged in the pale- golden colour of the grasslands, while giraffes rise- high above most of the dry vegetation.

The north is a contrast to the rest of Namibia, the predominant landscape is Savanna grasslands, cluttered with big camelthorn trees, green landscapes as well as bush fields offering a vivid wildlife.

Visit one of the many amazing national game reserves such as the Bwabwata Game Reserve, Mahango-, Mudumu-, Buffalo-, Nkasa Rupala Reserve and more. Here you have the chance to spot four of the “Big-Five” all at once – Elephants, Leopards, Lions and the rarely occurring Buffalo.

At Swakopmund – the coastal gem of the West Coast the “little 5” can be admired in the desert. Or book a joyful boat cruise and explore the rich marine life with close-up encounters of the Atlantic seal, dolphins and in season whales.

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