Using a travel agent based in the U.S. we booked a two week guided trip to Namibia for our family of seven.  Arranging trips in this fashion is always a bit hit and miss because you never know what the guide will be like.  However, it was clear from the moment we met Francois Visser at the airport that we’d hit the jackpot.  In addition to the fact that he seemed to know everything and everyone in Namibia, he was engaging, funny, full of stories and willing to do anything to ensure the trip was the most memorable we had ever had as a family.

While we had set up all our accommodations and activities before we arrived, Francois made a host of adjustments to be sure our trip was authentically Namibian.  We surfed sand dunes, ate in truly local establishments at his suggestion and even met his family.  Had I known him before I would have had him arrange everything ahead of time – we would have seen even more than we did and at a fraction of the cost.  I couldn’t possibly imagine a better guide for a Namibian adventure.  My only disappointment is that he hasn’t taken us up on our offer to come to the U.S. to stay with us.